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Estate Planning

We understand that protecting your family and providing for them is the legacy that you want to leave. Many people are reluctant to begin estate planning due to the emotional issues associated with it. However, it is one of the most important services we provide here at Brook Wealth Management, LLC. Working in concert with your attorney, we help to ensure that your wishes are planned for. If you are not currently working with an attorney, we can recommend one that suits your needs from our network of local professionals.

Here are some samples of the types of issues we help our clients resolve:

            “Are the beneficiaries up-to-date for your retirement plan?”

Many people open or enroll in a retirement plan before they are married or have children. Old beneficiary information can inadvertently disinherit a loved one. Keeping beneficiaries current can prevent more of your estate going to the government in the form of taxes.

            “Yes we have a will. It was prepared fifteen years ago.”

An out-of-date will can cause almost as many issues as no will at all. The death of a loved one is a painful and stressful time. By leaving a current will, you can help lessen the burden on your family. 

            “What is a trust and do we need one?” 

When appropriate, a trust can be a powerful planning tool. Your desires and complexity of your estate will determine how trusts might fit into your estate plan.

            “Our estate is too small. We don’t need estate planning.”

 All estates could suffer from costs, delays and lack of privacy involved with probate. If these items concern you, size is irrelevant. Unless you want a court deciding how your assets are distributed (and taking a sizable chunk in taxes and fees), you need to plan your estate.

If you are concerned about the legacy you want to leave for your family, or have questions about your estate, we are here to help.