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Retirement Planning

<em>&#8220;Do I have enough money to retire?&#8221;</em>

“Do I have enough money to retire?”

This simple question is one of the most important, and pressing questions that can be asked of a financial advisor. Another one is: “How much money will I need to have a comfortable retirement?”

These are the quintessential retirement questions that have been asked of financial advisors for over half a century. During the 1970’s, the “Bob Hope” generation (those born before World War II) started retiring and the answer to the above question was often a simple yes or no. With a shorter life expectancy and a company pension, many in the Bob Hope generation did not have the concerns we have today. The Baby Boomers may be looking at 20 years or more in retirement, often without the assistance of a company pension. The numbers are projected to grow larger for future generations.

Are you actively planning for 15…20…30 years of retirement?

Simply contributing to your 401(k) or your IRA will not be enough for many people’s retirement needs. Careful planning and monitoring will be necessary to prepare you for retirement. Brook Wealth Management has the tools and the capabilities to guide you up to and through retirement.

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