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Tax Planning

Taxes are one of the inescapable consequences of life.

Taxes are one of the inescapable consequences of life.

Here at Brook Wealth Management, LLC we proactively plan for your future tax liabilities to help minimize the taxes you owe.

Working in conjunction with your accountant or tax professional, we review your return to ensure that you are realizing the options available to you. We consider tax planning carefully as part of our wealth building practice and ensure that our clients are invested in tax-efficient ways.

The following is a list of some of the situations we can help you with:

  • When to realize a capital gain and how it impacts your overall financial plan
  • How taxes and investments fit into your charitable giving
  • How retirement may affect your taxes
  • Is your portfolio tax efficient? Should it be?
  • How will your portfolio impact taxes for your heirs
  • Everyone has to pay taxes. We are here to help ensure that you don’t pay too much

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